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How do you want to feel this summer? Next year? 5 years from now? 20 years from now?

Do you want to enjoy steady energy and feel more deeply rested? Do you want to feel more alive? More radiant? More connected to those who matter to you? More in tune with the rhythms of nature? Do you want to feel absolutely in love with life?

I am starting my next group coaching program on May 5th. In this course, we will systematically learn how to more deeply engage with health-supporting Ayurvedic habits to truly thrive.

What is it?

A 6 – week coaching program to evolve your health in a group. The six practical habits that we explore are based in Ayurveda so this means that you learn both about Ayurveda and habit change. Most importantly, you will get to put these habits into practice to move towards greater well-being and radiance.

How we are aiming to feel:

More deeply rested. More alive. More steady. Nourished. Dynamic. Radiant. Healthier. Happier. Freer.

How it works:

  • Conference Call and Website
    • Each Sunday, you will be able to listen to a lecture on this week’s habit.
    • We meet for an hour – long conference call on Monday night. Here we work together on how to make the habit work in your life. If you miss the call, you can download the call off of the website and listen on your own time.
    • You will get a one-year membership to the website, where you will find recordings of calls, worksheets, and references.
  • You put the habit into practice.
    • Each week, you put a new habit into practice in a way that works for your life.
  • Group Connection
    • We participate in the online facebook forum to talk honestly about challenges, insights, and questions. If you are local, there will also be several opportunities to meet up, in person, with the group.
  • One on One
    • I meet with you for two 30-minute private consultations to support you in this powerful process.

What people are saying:

I have had the pleasure of participating in two sessions of the Happy and Free Health Evolution with Kat and I would absolutely recommend Kat’s Happy and Free Health Evolution to everyone, and especially to those ready to make a conscious shift towards more easeful living. Kat is incredibly gifted; she is able to so clearly communicate the connections between actions and results. This lets you reflect on your choices and identify that doing ‘X’ makes you feel like ‘Y’. Making these connections was the catalyst I needed for change. For example, before Kat’s program, I had attempted to quit coffee on my own many times, but I always ended up going back to it within a few weeks. Kat’s program enabled me to break my dependency on coffee in the morning, which has led to more sustained energy throughout each day. The program’s focus on finding awareness enabled me to actually experience the effects of coffee, and to recognize what it felt like to be coffee-free, which was the key to helping me kick that habit for good. I found the experience insightful and useful both times I participated and I learned new things about myself each time. If you’re thinking about working with Kat and the Happy and Free Health Evolution, do it! It is a fantastic program that really focuses your awareness to effect habit changes for the better.

-Gina C.

I began the “Happy and Free Health Evolution” course in pursuit of improved health and well being. My yoga practice had greatly evolved over many months and I felt the course was a next good step in my self-care journey. I have long suffered from digestive imbalance and so was specifically looking for some relief there. In short, I found that relief, and so much more! Each week’s new “habit” was powerful on its own but truly transformative as the weeks progressed and built on one another. Some of the material was brand new to me and some was a revisiting of healthy practices; in both cases, having a thoughtful and accessible coach like Kat made the habits realistic and adaptable. I also really enjoyed the group meet-ups and connecting with others taking the course. I learned a lot from them, too, as they shared their stories of what was working for them and what they tried in addition to the teachings. Upon the course’s completion, there was a tangible, incredibly positive difference in my feeling of well-being, both mental and physical. My digestion improved, for one, as did my sleep, energy level, and daily awareness. Overall I feel more in control of my health and well-being. That is a powerful feeling! I know that I’ll still struggle with keeping up all the habits but now I have a deeper understanding of their foundations and use, as well as course materials to turn back to should I get off track. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking improved health and well-being.

-Lorelle E.

The habit evolution series is incredible! I joined the program with the intention of creating healthier habits and feeling better in my body. Participating in this series, I learned so much about my energetic rhythm and the best way to structure my daily routine. Kat is an amazing teacher- her lectures are clear and informative, and she makes herself available to troubleshoot. I can’t  recommend this program enough- whether you are looking to make big changes or little tweaks, this series is for you :)

-Hannah G

Think that you might want to join us as we evolve? Send an email to katherinekuzner@gmail.com to set up a time to chat.