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3 Tips for More Sri this Holiday Season


Tidy up First

Tidy up your body. Tidy up your schedule. Tidy up your priorities. It is important to start clean since clarity is necessary to fully experience abundance. Unnecessary stuff, whether is it physical, mental, or social, can cloud our experience so we need to keep only that which is the most important.  This will require reflection. So, before we even go into the season, take the time to get clear on what really matters. Then, our thoughts, words, and actions can stay connected to this.

Nourish – Acknowledge

There are so many ways that you can nourish yourself. You can keep a gratitude journal. You can take very sweet care of your body. You can nourish yourself through slowing down and thoroughly enjoying your meals and the company of others. This nourishment makes you more radiant so that you can…


Become a light for others. Offer your spirit through your words, your gaze, and your presence.

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